As some of you may have seen from my previous posts, Kenzie loved books! She loved to “read” and listen to stories over and over from a very young age. I read to her during my pregnancy and knew that I would introduce her to literature from a young age, but her natural love for it surpassed my expectations. It was around 2-3 months after she was born that I told her Dad, “I want to write children’s books for Kenzie and other babies to enjoy.” He was supportive and told me to get on it and let him know what I needed. I began to conceptualize and do my research. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about based on the types of stories Kenzie loved the most.

Unfortunately, I never saw it through while she was still here. A few months after her passing, I began working on ways to memorialize Kenzie. My daughter’s life was not in vain and will not be forgotten. Kenzie’s Garden, the website and support forum for Bereaved Parents was my way of coping. After it was successfully completed, I began to work on my first Book, Kenzie’s Farm Adventures.

“Kenzie’s Farm Adventures follows 1 year old Barbadian Kenzie Gibson around her family’s farm, as she learns new words and discovers new animals. Kenzie had a great and fearless love for animals of all kind and enjoyed interacting with them. She would spend time with her Dad and Grandad on the Farm looking at the animals, playing in the Tractors, and when she could finally walk, she’d try to feed and play with them on her own, without being prompted.”

This Book is so many things to me but most importantly, It’s me delivering on a promise I made to my daughter. It’s me memorializing her in her true essence and ensuring that if I close my eyes tomorrow, she will not be forgotten. It’s my way of giving her friends and family something to remember her by as they grow. And one day, I hope that it will be a way that I can help offer support to bereaved parents of children gone way too soon like Kenzie through gifts and donations. Nothing can bring our children back, but knowing that you are not alone and having a hand to hold on the most difficult path life can set you on makes you feel a little less alone.

Kenzie, I am sorry that you never got to see it, and I hope that you are proud. Mummy misses you and loves you so much!

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