Get to know Kenzie

Thank you for stopping by Kenzie’s Garden! We hope that you find refuge, comfort & a tribe that simply understands your loss and grief during this time. A lot of you may be wondering, “Who is Kenzie?”

There are so many words that we could use to describe Kenzie Gibson, but at the forefront would be Warm, Funny, Bubbly, Fearless and an Absolute Joy!

Baby Kenzie arrived into this world on June 3rd, 2020. Her birth brought our family an immediate immeasurable amount of joy! We were so happy to meet her and to have her there, in the flesh. She was the first born to Keven & I. Our one & only. From a young infant, Kenzie enjoyed story time and having us read to her. She loved watching and listening to people talk. You could just tell by observing her how eager she was to learn and live. She was intrigued by just watching people be.

I’m Kenzie’s Mom, and without a doubt, I can say that she is the best baby anyone could ask for. Kenzie adored her parents, family, friends and loved ones. She would light up any room that she entered with her presence, undeniably cute face and the sound of her little feet running up and down. Zie completely missed the walking memo, she loved to run! She was so energetic, full of life and happy, but was also very loving, affectionate and gentle. She would hug us and give us these gentle arm rubs that were so soothing, and would lift the weight of the world off our shoulders, even if just in those tiny moments.

Kenzie loved nature, and animals. She would engage with any animal every chance she got. It was a joy watching her fearlessly interact with them or trying to feed some on her family’s farm. And the beach? Kenzie would stay there forever if she could! She enjoyed the sand between her toes, throwing rocks into the sea, and just exploring in general on the beach; but it was being in the water that really stole her heart. She loved to swim and splash!

Kenzie also enjoyed TV time, Cocomelon, Surprise Eggs & Dave and Ava were her top 3 favorites without a doubt. But regardless of what was showing, she enjoyed spending time cuddled up with us.

At 1 year and 2 months old, she was already so special and unique in character that I just knew she would’ve continued to be a force to be reckoned with. & Although it will never be enough time, our lives were significantly changed for the better by simply having her. She was and will always be our everything!

We love you Kenzie, and we will love you forever!